Revue d'assyriologie et d'archéologie orientale N° CXV/2021.
Revue d'assyriologie et d'archéologie orientale.

Revue d'assyriologie et d'archéologie orientale N° CXV/2021.

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- Pierre Amiet (1922-2021), A. THOMAS
- Béatrice André-Salvini (1949-2020), N. CHEVALIER
- Die Inschrift der "Figure aux plumes", J. KEETMAN
- 11 Sargonic tablets in the Süleymaniah Museum, A. KAMIL et C. LECOMPTE
- Ur III texts in the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, J.J. DE RIDDER et E. ZOMER
- Paso doble: note on an early old babylonian seal found at Abu Tbaireh, L. ROMANO
- Bird in the sky - Babylonian bird omen collections, astral observations and the Manzäzu, N. ANOR et Y. COHEN
- Murder in esopotamia? The case of an usual burial in Tell Mohammed Diyab (Syria), V. VERARDI et E. LEMEE
- Three obscure assyrian reliefs and their inscription, J.C. HOWARD
- Conservation of sculptures ans wall panels of the palace of Sennacherib, 2013, S.A. ABD MUSTAFA et Z.G. SAADALLAH
- For a fistful of Barley: more on the remuneration of scribes and state taxation in the neo-babylonian Eanna temple, M. JURSA et Y. LEVAVI
- "Check the writting boards from the time of Nebuchadnezzar": an inventory of administrative writing boards in the Spurlock Museum of world cultures, M. KOZUH et J. NIELSEN
- Medical treatments against respiratory diseases, ear complaints and migraine: an edition of a late babylonian medical compendium tablet, BM 32277+, A. BACKSAY
- Chroniques bibliographiques 24. "Kültepe texts" 1990-2012-2020 - Part 2, K.R. VEENHOF
- Chroniques bibliographiques 25. Lexical and other notes on old babylonian letters in the Schoyen collection. I. ARKHIPOV.

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